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Diaspora exists to create
game changing services to our customers.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap amongst the continents ; thus working to achieve the reality of global village by providing excellent
quality and cheap international calls to our customers. By being present at both end of the supply chain and constantly innovating; we want to
create a solid foundation and to provide the best for our users. Welcome to the future!!

About Diaspora

Diaspora focuses on developing and deploying innovative technology driven solutions to our customers.

We offer high quality international voice termination services
to customers across the globe, leveraging off our relationships with Tier 1 carriers worldwide. We partner with reputed carrier providers to offer our customers the best of global interconnection services in terms of volume, quality and price.

The objectives of Diaspora is to be interconnected with major providers worldwide,
to provide cheap international calls to our customers, be a leader in terminating international call in our respective market, constantly innovate and be a solution provider to our customers.

Diaspora operates from the Republic of Mauritius,
a small island in the Indian Ocean situated approximately 2,400 kms off the south-east coast of Africa.
Mauritius is an established technology based country with state-of-the-art communication infrastructure including digital, mobile and virtual telephony, WCDMA/CDMA 3G, GPRS, WAP, ADSL, xDSL, ISDN, VSAT, wireless Broadband, Internet access and video conferencing facilities are readily available. Mauritius is linked to the SAT-3/WASC/SAFE (South Africa-Far East) fibre optic network, thus enhancing the existing excellent network by providing very high bandwidth global connectivity. With such facilities ICT is rapidly becoming
a major element of the Mauritian economy.

Our Philosophy

Corporate culture and values

Diaspora operates as an open minded corporate and has identified its core values and culture which are transmitted to its work force. We have an established vision and is understood by our people. We work on constantly improving the services to our customers and innovation is a key to our business. By continuously looking for ways to serve our customers; we invest heavily on latest technologies and of course constantly working on our innovative sense. Our people also is the asset to our organization and we look for the right people to fit in the company. We provide training and create an unrivaled environment for our people

Our core values are

Our Team

Our team consists people from different backgrounds including technical, marketing, accounting, statistics and management. We invest in our people in terms of training, provision of state of art equipment and tools, access to various software and excellent working environment.

Our Services

International Voice Termination services

Diaspora has signed interconnect agreements with various renowned carriers worldwide to provide excellent quality International Voice Termination services. We are constantly looking for the best carriers that can match our expectation and we have a dedicated team to monitor the quality of the calls on a daily basis. We manage your international voice termination service in real-time, we help protect you from fluctuations in demand and route quality.

To ensure quality,
Diaspora proactively monitors:
  • Answer seizure ratio (ASR)
  • Calling line identification (CLI)
  • Average call duration (ACD)
  • Average Post Dial Delay (Average PDD) at both
    origination and termination

Diaspora is a wide portfolio of carriers which ensure that the best quality is provided together with the best rates. In short we ensure to provide the right mix so that we optimize on both quality and price. We manage our voice business in real time routing, pricing and reporting.

Bespoke software development of mobile-facilitated solutions and applications

Diaspora provides the development of mobile-facilitated solutions and applications through its team of developers. We understand that in this era of technology mobile solutions and applications are key to many businesses and organizations. Our motto is help organizations and business of all sizes to solve their problems with technology.

Software development services for back-end solutions for:

  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Various other industries


Wholesale Voice Services

Diaspora operates a Wholesale carrier arm whereby it provides wholesale services to other carrier operators. Our main focus is currently in Africa and we provide original wholesale services to our vendors who has either a bilateral or unilateral agreement with us.We assure our carrier operators that we provide an excellent quality in terms of connectivity and a competitive prices.Diaspora has been investing heavily in making the wholesale voice business a success and we are constantly working in order to enable to achieve the best. We are in frequent talks with directs in various countries and questing for the best in terms of quality and price.
Diaspora has defined appropriate benchmarks to strike the right balance and set a perfect combination of quality, value, scale and value of international voice solutions as our focus remains satisfaction of our vendors. As such our wholesale voice products are completely designed and defined to meets the specific needs of our carriers. Accordingly we strive and ensure that all the requirements of our carriers have the right mix of features and coverage.


Retail Voice Services

Diaspora retail voice services provides retail oriented carriers’ CLI-guaranteed route and direct management of the routing structures.
We are in constant proactive monitoring of routing we provide and promise an excellent quality of service (QoS) all times. Our system helps us to monitors the quality of the routing live and we are prompted where the quality goes below our benchmarks. Diaspora only routes through directs and managed direct routes to enable the best of the services. Diaspora maintains that there is no question to compromise on quality.

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Suite C1-201 & C1-202 Level 2, Block C, Grand Baie La Croisette , Grand Bay, Mauritius

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